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About:  Elite Card Breaks

Hello my name is Tyson Albrecht owner and operator of Elite Card Breaks.  Our company is located and operated out of Bozeman, Mt.  I have been personally opening packs and collecting sports cards since I was very young and have gotten back into the hobby in 2019.  Collecting for me has been both an enjoyable hobby and also an excellent means to provide for my awesome wife (Britney) and son (Walt).  When you choose Elite Card Breaks you can expect the utmost care, and attention to your sport card investments.  You can expect prompt response time to answer any questions or concerns you may have and above all else you will come to trust that you are getting the best level of honesty and transparency from a live card breaking company.   T.A.


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The best way to get in contact with us and to know when and what we are doing:


-Instagram; (elite_cardbreaks) (Elite Card Breaks) Subscribe and turn on notifications.




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60 Outlier Way

Bozeman, Mt 59718

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